Refer your Friends for Cash!

Introduce 3 new members and be rewarded with a generous referral payment!


Start Earning!

Every month our members are earning an income just from introducing their friends or family to our Trading Group. Whether it’s people you know or whether you’re going out of your way to promote us, there’s good money to be made!

Start introducing new customers now to receive generous payouts and start earning yourself an additional income!

You could earn up to £1,200 for referring only 3 new customers! (as long as they meet the requirements / terms and conditions).

Send the affiliate links below to customers in order to start earning!

New customers must meet the terms and conditions in order to qualify for a payout. These Include: Using the affiliate link to sign up, depositing a minimum of $400, uploading the required documents, placing at least 10 trades over the course of the month and generating at least 25$ in spread.


One of our team members receives a $4,000 payout as a reward for introducing 8 new members!


How much can you make?

The reward payment you earn depends on various criteria for the new customers you are referring. The includes the deposit amount.

  • Customer Deposit £100 - £250: £200 Reward

  • Customer Deposit £250 - £400: £400 Reward

Refer 3 higher tier new customers and earn £1,200! This payment would be paid at the end of the following month from which the customer has deposited (as long as all requirements are met). Requirements that new customers must meet include:

  • Sign up directly using the affiliate link

  • Upload all required documents for verification

  • Execute and close at least 5 trader per week

  • Generate a minimum spread in $

Full terms and conditions can be read here

The Process

Step 1. Send the Affiliate Links

Send one of these affiliate links to the new customer you are referring. Please ensure they sign up directly using the link as you may not receive a payment / reward if this is not done. The customer must also make a deposit, verify their account by uploading the required documentation and trade.

24 Options Link: (Minimum Deposit: £100)

Fin Markets link: (Minimum Deposit: £250)

Capital Link: (Minimum Deposit: £250)

Markets Link: (Minimum Deposit: £100)

Step 2. Obtain and send over a screenshot of the customers trading account

Once the customer has informed you that they have made the deposit, you must retrieve a screenshot of their trading account, clearly showing their balance as proof of deposit. You can email this to us or send it to your referral manager!

Step 3. Fill out the new referral form

After you have referred a new customer to our brokers and they have signed up / deposited, you must fill in this form each time to notify us and allow us to keep track of your referrals!

Your Name: *
Your Name:
Paypal address for your commission payments. (If you have already referred new members this month, please use the same paypal).
Please enter the name of the customer you have referred to start trading
Please ensure this is the correct email address the customer used to create their trading account, otherwise you risk not earning a payment
The name of the trading platform / broker that was used by the new customer (Please ensure this is correct!)
The amount of deposit the new customer has opened their account with
Terms & Conditions *

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