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DCT Trading Group

DCT (Dreams Come True), was founded by uni drop out Elijah Oyefeso back in 2012. Elijah originally invested his uni loan into forex currencies and before taking some big hits, stormed to become one of the UK's top young traders. He now runs a team of analysts and has expanded to become one of the most reliable signal providers online. Within a few years we’ve gone from one college drop out with a dream to a globally known establishment with the aim to provide a consistent and transparent service. After years of trial and error we’ve finally produced a system that helps our students to gain a better understanding of the financial markets.

  • We send around 5 – 10 signals throughout the day.
  • Trading signals simplify everything for you and enable you to place educated trades within a few minutes.
  • We average around 70% successful trades out of 10.
  • We have a helpful support team who can help you to gain a better understanding of forex.

Trading signals are indications provided to new traders who don’t necessarily hold the skills, experience or time to analyse the markets for themselves. Our signals are extremely easy to follow and will guide you on the asset to trade on and whether to buy or sell. We will also advise a stop loss and take profit which are options used to automatically close a trade if a certain amount of capital is profited or lost. This helps to prevent substantial losses and to take advantage of profitable opportunities.

Our team have developed a unique and complex strategy to create signals using various indicators which will alert traders when we spot a profitable trading opportunity. We send around 5-10 of these signals out a day, straight to your phone, enabling you to quickly follow through your trading app. We handle the technical side, you follow and profit. Let us do the hard work whilst you sit back and take advantage.




  • Trade from anywhere at any time
  • Let our market analysts handle the technical part
  • Sit back and follow professionals
  • Learn the basic fundamentals of trading
  • Join a transparent and reliable trading group
  • Unlimited email support

One to one coaching sessions with Elijah now available

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Get regular coaching sessions with Elijah via Skype.

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