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Elijah Oyefeso


University dropout turned millionaire trader.

Elijah Oyefeso, seen in Channel 4’s Rich Kids Go Shopping, is the founder of DCT Trading Group. Elijah dropped out of his business management degree at University of Buckingham with his student loan in toe and used the funds to invest in trading. Having spent countless hours learning the markets and experiments with small amounts, Elijah Oyefeso soon became one of the wealthiest young men in London. 

Having appeared on TV, various international newspapers and magazines, amassed well over 250,000 followers across various social media platforms and millions of views on YouTube Elijah has certainly had his fair share of attention, both good and bad. With success came negativity from his peers. A shame, says Elijah, but something he expected when setting his sights on building a legacy. 

They’ve come from the same area and they’re still in the same area.” 

- Elijah Oyefeso, Founder of DCT.

Elijah has maintained his tenacity and work ethic in the work place, regardless of his success. Elijah, like DCT Trading Group, believes in building something substantial and leaving a legacy. That legacy comes with focussing on doing positive things in and out of the workplace that mean much more than the financial rewards of being such an industry expert. Elijah ensures he personally keeps in touch with his trading team on a daily basis, regularly visits and welcomes new traders personally and even gives away free merchandise and bonuses to thank his team for their hard work and dedication to DCT.

Now, Elijah is focussing on building the brand in more sectors and taking it global. The brand message ‘Dreams Come True’ is something that can be applied to people in all walks of life. As DCT continues to grow, Elijah is insisting on building businesses in as many sectors as possible. Innovative applications, merchandise, events, marketing, philanthropy and property are all things that are on Elijah’s radar which makes being a member of the DCT Trading Group team an exciting prospect for the future. 

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  • Elijah, from Camberwell, London, now lives in a £5,000-a-month flat and his weakness is supercars, with his most recent purchase a £125,000 Mercedes GTS.
    — Daily Mail
  • A 21-year-old university drop out now earns up to £80,000.00 a month.
    — The Mirror