$4,000 Monthly Raffle

Have you qualified for our monthly raffle with the chance to win almost £3,000? ($4,000)


Competition time!

Every month we run a raffle for our trading members that have joined our team and are actively trading. We'll input the emails of everyone who has correctly answered the multi-choice questions into a random selector and one person will be chosen at random to win $4,000! (equivalent to just under £3,000)

If you've already traded with us using one of our partnered brokers you will have to create a new account on an additional trading platform and deposit to gain a re-entry into our next raffle. 

Once you've spoken to one of one of our representatives and have been guided through getting qualified for the raffle, please fill in the form below and answer the multi-choice questionnaire. The winner will be announced via email! Good luck.

You'll receive a confirmation via email shortly afterwards. Please check your junk mail as it is likely to end up here! 

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